Welcome to SecureMongoEngine

It is a library for MongoEngine(https://github.com/MongoEngine) that you can use to encrypt certain fields of your models. Currently is in Beta Version and it only supports AES for Symmetric Encryption and SHA for hashing.


To install SecureMongoeEngine just execute:

$ pip install securemongoengine

And now you can create a documment with some encrypted fields, you just need a key an thats all!!!

from mongoengine import *
from securemongoengine.fields import *

_key = 'workingWithAES256AlgorithmKey32B'

class User(Document):
    name = StringField(max_length=40, required=True)
    lastname = StringField(max_length=40, required=True)
    email = EmailField(required=True, unique=True)
    password = EncryptedStringField(key=_key,max_length=40, required=True)

user = User(name='Juan',lastname='Urrego',email='js.urrego@novcat.co',password = '123456')

connect('test', host='')

In your Mongo database you will see something like this:

{ "_id" : ObjectId("5400c7205f9370f0603c3cfa"), "name" : "Juan", "lastname" : "Urrego",
"email" : "js.urrego@novcat.co", "password" : "@::::@685f0500d7b99a59c9d6c496184a65bc" }


A quick tutorial building a tumblelog to get you up and running with SecureMongoEngine.
The complete API documentation

Offline Reading

Download the docs in pdf or epub formats for offline reading.

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